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Metro's Deception Explained

The Neighborhood Protection Act

Metro's Non-Protection Measure

Metro's Tax Exemptions rob schools, police

Will You Lose Your Home?

Metro Outlaws Adequate Parking

Metro Violates Voter's Intent

Making Portland like L.A.

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Cities reduce congetion

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Elect People to Stop High Density Dementia

Politicians Who Want to Pack Portland like Sardines -- Send them Packing

Houses for Them, not us

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Metro Madness: "Market conditions and public policy have not made land scarce enough"

Density Deceptions & Downside


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METRO's recommended density increase for your neighborhood.

MAP of density increases

Do you live near a busy street?

Busy streets that have good transit service will be allowed unlimited density - whatever METRO decides on. Current target is a 29% increase. --- Here's Proof

Are you ready for your new neighbor?

METRO's ballot measure will still require cities to increase density in almost all neighborhoods! METRO's measure will limit density to current zoned density, NOT today's actual density. This will mean 23% to 51%  more people in your area-- Here's Proof

Do you live near a Light Rail station?

Light rail stations are surrounded by a ONE-MILE diameter circle that will be allowed any density that METRO desires. Current target is a 294% increase -- Here's Proof

Do You Live Near a "Regional Center"

METRO recommends a 144% increase in the number people living here. These are not protected by METRO's measure  -- Here's Proof

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