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Renters are being priced out of one Urban renewal district

Portland doesn't know how many people are losing their homes!

This says that it is good that low income people are being priced out of Portland!

 "I almost felt like I was being shaken down,"  Monroe's Money  5/2

City officials make plea to Metro for more space   05/03/02

"council members said they had little choice in the matter because they are required to adopt the standards to satisfy a Metro ordinance" :  Metro-mandated density rules opposed   01/17/02

Bad streets, congestion top citizen complaints  01/02/02

Growth limits pack neighbors a bit tighter   5 / 14 / 2002

Gresham considers complaint on lot sizes  05/02/02

Gresham earns 'cookie cutter' label for housing

Randal O'Toole: Metro heading the wrong way

City falls in line, adopts regional density standards. . . . .required to comply with the regionwide density ordinance          02/07/02

a plan designed to crack down on those who aren't yet following regional land-use policies

Metro may raise fees to operate parks

Metro Executive wants to cut auditor's budget (see 6th paragraph)

$150 Million proposed spending for high density urban renewal

Metro revises growth course

Cathedral Park Residents Protest Condos

Density leads Metro candidates' debate

Gresham pleads with  Metro for more jobs 

City officials make plea to Metro for more space

Dwindling space stalls growth

Round's developer asks third extension to secure financing (11/29/01)

Beaverton again extends time for Round (02/27/02)

Financing shift gets Round on the road (3/20/02)

Portland is short of factory sites

Tigard council approves 10x density increase, 20 story buildings (02/28/02)

10 year tax abatement for high rise, 20% per floor (02/14/02)

Metro didn't plan for upkeep on its recently acquired parks (03/06/02)

More high density housing for downtown Portland (12/05/01)

Lack of land for jobs becoming a problem (11/30/01)

". . social engineering, forcing people to live in tightly packed developments. . "

2001 clearly not one of Portland's better years

Outcome no sure thing in three-way race for Metro Council  5/3

Metro candidates talk growth  (Susan McLain vs. Brian Roberts) 5/2

Metro candidates provide clear choice (Craig Flynn vs Rod Park) 5/2

Metro race outcome uncertain (Bill Atherton vs. Brian Newman vs Ray Phelps) 5/2

Court Zaps Urban Renewal

Contributions add up for incumbents, parks levy :

Development director still upbeat about renewal : Development director still upbeat about renewal

Urban density question: regional or local call? Density: Regional or local call?

Competing growth measures offer clear choice

Metro candidates (Flynn vs Park) debate density issues

Readers' Letter:  Metro’s answers raise more questions  5 / 14 / 2002

Roberts calls for new leadership vs. Metro; McLain wonders why  5/3


Meier & Frank flagship remains open but 520 jobs will be lost

Meier & Frank's flagship store won't close