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The wisdom of  50 year Planning: The first mass produced car was first sold in small quantities in 1908. The first freeway was in 1940. A fifty year planning horizon would require planning the first freeway more than 18 years before the first successful automobile was introduced.

2040, Portland's 50 year plan:
The process of planning the first freeway before the automobile was invented.
The process of planning for fiber optic links before the computer was invented
The process of planning the internet before the computer was invented.

From American Planning assoc. Federal Policy Agenda:

  • Oppose attempts to preempt local land-use decision-making and expand “takings” doctrines;
  • Promote reinvestment in urban areas through tools such as targeted tax incentives, brownfield reform and historic preservation;  
  • Direct additional funding to support community transit, transportation options and multi-modal connections;

Special Interest Money

National Libertarian Party  
Oregon Libertarian Party
California Libertarian Party

The Constitution Society
Cato Institute
Reason Magazine

Liberty Magazine
Independence Institute
cascade policy institute

Advocates for Self-government

PushBack the Bureaucracy
Emerson case (gun rights)

U.S Government
US code 
Supreme Court
Supreme Court-historical

California Courts

Privacy Test
Privacy Test

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