Metro's Deception Explained:

Metro's measure claims to protect "existing neighborhoods" from increased density mandated by Metro.

According to Metro, if you live near a busy street, a shopping district or within one-half mile of a light rail stop, you do not live in a neighborhood. You live in a corridor, town center or station community and are NOT PROTECTED. (If you are not within one-half mile of a light rail stop now, you may in the future.)  Here's proof

This failure to include areas commonly thought to be within neighborhoods is the Metro Deception. Nearly everyone believes busy streets, shopping districts and light rail stops are part of the neighborhood. Even the City's neighborhood associations maps include the busy streets within the neighborhoods.

Second Deception: At what density are neighborhoods protected? It turns out that Metro is merely forbidden from mandating FURTHER increases over the already mandated levels! Here's proof

Here are Metro's density recommendations as of today. They will be unchanged by 26-29, eliminated by 26-11.