Here's what we voted for in 1992:
"Requires, as primary function, growth management planning to preserve region quality of life"

We voted to "adopt charter to limit METRO powers" and "Requires, as primary function, growth management planning to preserve quality of life".
(see the actual ballot title, right)

Instead METRO gave us hundreds of pages of code intended to mandate increased density, limit parking spaces and give property tax exemptions to developers. This resulted in increased traffic congestion, air pollution, giant apartment complexes in every neighborhood and less money for schools, police, fire and parks.

When builders won't build enough density, Metro goes on to encourage cities to squander school, police and fire money on massive incentives to developers.

One group of local politicians described Metro's responsibility as "keeping us from becoming like Los Angeles" (see far right panel). However Metro decided that we should become more like Los Angeles.

Measure 26-11 will help get Metro back to our intent when we voted to create it.

Selected Arguments
from the Voter's pamphlet:

(emphasis added)

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Claim: Metro Is Making Us Like Los Angeles

Actual Voter's pamphlet ballot from November 3, 1992 (emphasis added)
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