High density development crowds out low income people

Increasing density in existing neighborhoods frequently causes the destruction of many older buildings. These are homes for low income people. The new, high density, developments seldom have as many low cost units as were removed. Further property values may go up, raising taxes on existing housing which causes rent increases. Some rents have already increased 50% in the Interstate Urban Renewal area.

The destruction of affordable housing encourages subsidised housing which robs tax money from schools, police, fire fighters and parks.

Renewal is in, but renters are out:    http://www.portlandtribune.com/archview.cgi?id=10514

Metro pressures mayors into endorsing their fraud, 26-29: "Political insiders say a few mayors who often clash with Metro balked at first, but political pressure and the region's joint goals won them over."  The Oregonian, April, 28, 2002

Portland doesn't know how many people are losing their homes!