Metro Councilors' homes
While Metro is demanding smaller lots for you and me, most Metro councilors live in big houses on big lots.

The Houses

 The councilors

Aerial Photo

Rod Monroe
10,194 sq ft lot

Susan McLain
Two and a half acre lot.

Note the SUV in the garage.

Rod Park's listed residence

2372 sq ft house on one acre lot with 20 acre nursery

Notice all of the little lots to the left of his lot on the aerial photo (right). This appears to be the urban growth boundary. Reportedly, Parks already sold some of his land for over a million dollars. If Metro expands the boundary he can get millions more for this land.

House on Rod Park's other 20 acre nursery lot. Note the SUV in the yard.

Bill Atherton's house on a deep lot of about 12000 sq ft

David Bragdon

He actually appears to practice Metro's high density preaching

Note: We couldn't find addresses for the other Metro councilors. Any help would be appreciated:

Rex Burkholder
Carl Hosticka
Mike Burton

Red dot is Councilor's property.
Yellow lines are tax lots
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