May  9, 2002

Jim Karlock

Portlander Starts Web Site to Prove Metro's measure 26-29 Is Deceptive

When,  native Portlander, Jim Karlock read Metro's measure 26-29, he wondered why they used the terms "inner neighborhoods" and "outer neighborhoods." An EMAIL to the measure's author, Rex Burkholder, revealed that most busy streets are exempt from the limits in 26-29 because they are not part of the legal definition of "inner neighborhoods" and "outer neighborhoods". Also exempt are "regional centers" like Gresham, Hillsboro, Cedar Mill and many others. "Town centers" like Gateway and a one mile circle around every light rail station are also exempt, said Karlock. 

According to Karlock, the protected neighborhoods will see further density increases because they are protected at today's higher zoned density, not their actual density. This is 20-50%  above their density when Metro started its push to high density. Karlock said: "I think all of the current Metro councilors should find honest work in the private sector, if they can find employers that don't mind being deceived."

Karlock set up to distribute his findings.